Women’s Dress Buying 101: Plus-Size Dress Shopping

Formal events are mostly organized for important announcements or celebration, so being invited to one is something not to miss.  While  the event can be exciting, the preparation stage can take a toll on any woman—especially those who are on the heavier side. As plus-sized, it is important to hit the best stores right away, so you can shop plus size cocktail dresses and be prepared days before the event.

shop plus size cocktail dresses

Here are some tips to consider when buying plus size cocktail attire and footwear for formal events.

  1. List the stores.

Knowing where to shop saves you time and money, as you already know where to go when you decide to shop plus size cocktail dresses on a certain day. There is no need for you to go inside shops that you know don’t sell what you need. More importantly, you also save on transportation costs.

Another great idea is to look for dresses online. Online stores like The Dress Outlet offers a wide range of dresses for all occasions for women of all sizes, even wedding dresses and holiday attire. Try to check them out at www.thedressoutlet.com/collections/plus-size-cocktail-dresses to get you started.

  1. Find a flattering colour.

It can be overwhelming sometimes when you shop plus size cocktail dresses because of the many designs and colours you see, that’s why you need to be mindful of the colour of the dress you choose. Standard colours for formal events are dark ones, such as black or midnight blue. It’s best to leave vibrant tints and cartoon prints to less formal events and opt for dark, neutral, or earth tones if you’d like to achieve a more classic, sophisticated look.

  1. Choose sensible heels.

Formal occasions could go on and on, so it’s ideal to buy sensible heels if you want to survive the night. You can opt for black pumps, especially if you are wearing a long dress. Stilettos are killer shoes, so you might want to avoid those—unless they go well with your dress. Just bring an extra pair, so you can have a change of shoes whenever you need to.

  1. Pick your accessories well.

Accessories can make or break you. Too much glitter won’t accentuate you, but rather, alarm the fashion police! So, better tone down on your accessories and opt for something simple and elegant. The key is to blend in. When buying accessories, check The Dress Outlet speciality stores or ask the shop where you bought your dress and see if they have accessories to go with the dress you have.

  1. Shop early.

If you’re stumped during workdays, don’t force it. Shopping after work makes you too tired to even care what to buy and may end up paying for a dress that’s not even flattering. The best time to shop is in the morning on a weekend because you have all the time in the world to find the perfect cocktail dress.

Ready to shop?

A formal event requires your best behavior, and that includes dressing properly. That’s why it’s important to prepare and shop ahead, so you don’t have to think anything else but finding a plus one to go to the event with.

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