Why students should go on school tours!

According to a survey that was commissioned by the council for learning outside the classroom, 87% of teachers said that learning outside the classroom made lessons more memorable and 77% of the respondents agreed that they made students motivated and enthused. This is a clear indication that learning outside the classroom, whether through field excursions and tours, adds value to the academic development of students. The benefits extend far than the educational value and this builds onto other aspects of a student’s life as well. This article examines some of the benefits that students get from school tours Canberra professionals conduct.

school tours Canberra

New sights

Through school tours Canberra professionals conduct, both teachers and students are exposed to new educational environments as well as experiences. They get an opportunity to observe things that normally not in their school environment. They will have a chance to see wildlife that is exotic, rare flora and fauna, among many things. It’s always advisable that before the trip, the students prepare adequately for the experience they are about to witness.


Time spent away from the school environs in the company of their classmates and friends offers students the chance to bond with one another in a new environment. This is because the new environment offers students a chance to connect at a more personal level bound by the non-familiarity to the new environment they are in. They will do this in small educational groups chatting away as they observe and fill their curiosity. If the term is new, then it’s the best opportunity that students can interact better, especially with the new students before the term begins.

Informal learning environment

The best school tours in Canberra provide students with valuable educational opportunities that complement their class work in a setting out of their school structures. Informal environment provides a more relaxed way of learning concepts. Additionally, an opportunity to learn from a new teacher such as those that are employed at the science center of the museum they are going to will always be exciting for the students.


The school tours Canberra students enjoy today often become memorable as these include exciting adventures. It is for these reasons that students will normally highly anticipate school trips. They will also be re-energized and have better focus and motivation to concentrate on school work upon their return. Besides, it is easier for students to remember those occasional moments while on the school excursions in Canberra other than routine work. Therefore, for higher retention among kids, channeling their inner fun side will always go a long way in boosting this.

Just as research indicates, it is important that teachers organize for learning experiences through school excursions for students so that they may also learn from the environment. As discussed, an educational trip is more than a chance to leave the classroom for student test. If you are planning on organizing trip for your students, then visit http://awaywegotours.com.au/ for some of the best school excursions Canberra professionals recommend.

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