Need a makeover for your blinds?

No matter the reason they are installed, blinds can spice up a home. Whether outdoor or Ziptrak, they come in various colours and styles.






Sometimes we get the urge to redecorate, replace some furniture here or there, and rearrange how things are arranged. However, what if the current blinds clashes with the new colours? What if the blinds look too old and don’t fit well with the new aesthetics?

The obvious action is to throw the old ones out and buy new ones with a different colour. That would be wasteful though, not to mention costly.

Replacements aren’t necessary so you can get a new look. Like any other fixture in a house, blinds can be repainted to change their colour and make them look new again. Painting your blinds to refresh their look is not a bad solution.

Different types of blinds require different kinds of paint

Before painting, it is good to differentiate what type of blinds you have. Outdoor and indoor blinds use different materials, which in turn require different paints.

Also, it’s a rule of thumb to clean the blinds first. Dust easily collects on their surface and can affect how well the paint gets applied. Use a vacuum cleaner before wiping them down.

If made from wood, there’s no problem with the use of any paint. Even the usual spray paint can be used with no issues. Any other paint can be brushed on without any issue.

Fabrics usually make up Ziptrak and Roman blinds Melbourne homes usually have. These require acrylic paint. Being water based, this kind of paint is easier to handle and wash off if it gets applied by accident.

Some outdoor blinds are made of canvas. Don’t use acrylic on them. Water soluble paints don’t hold well with canvas. Use oil-based or fabric paints instead.

Using primer is not an option

If made of vinyl or plastics, primers are needed to make the paint stick. Indoor blinds Melbourne shops offer may include Venetian blinds and pleated shades, both made out of vinyl.

It’s easy to forgo the priming process. After all, it’s added work. However, bear in mind that primer serves a purpose. Skipping it means that the blinds will soon get stripped of the paint. You’d be left with an ugly mess on the windows. Visit Crystal Image Blinds to learn more.

One cool trick is to paint different designs such as stripes. After applying the primer, just paint an initial colour. Wait to dry then stick some painting or masking tapes to create stripes. Then finish off by applying a final coat of paint with a different colour.

Painting can take a while but can be a very satisfying experience. Giving old blinds a new look can be something to take pride in. Therefore, consider this the next time you ponder on your window blinds. Maybe all they need is a new coat of paint.

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