You should drink Oregon Pinot Gris, right now

For someone who loves white wine, I’m not shy about my feelings for Pinot Gris. Especially Oregon Pinot Gris.

However, I also don’t ignore the advice I give others: don’t stop trying a wine just because you have one, two, or a dozen you don’t enjoy. There’s bound to be one wine out there that is perfect for you. If only there were a for winos. If there were, the last several vintages would rate highly compatible for my palate. Here are several Oregon Pinot Gris you should watch for. Continue reading

Seven of Hearts Chardonnay blends innovation and tradition

I have applauded the efforts of Byron Dooley of Seven of Hearts previously, including both his white wines and Pinot Noir. I will continue to do so because I believe he is making a quality product at a significantly valuable price, that balance a high level of Old and New World conventions, and his Seven of Hearts Chardonnay is a prime example. Continue reading

Disgorging sparkling wine at Kramer Vineyards

This May I spent a morning with Kim Kramer and her folks at Kramer Vineyards helping them disgorge 10 cases of sparkling wine. We shot video to make a short primer on the finishing process after secondary fermentation has occurred in the bottle. Continue reading

ENSO Urban Winery: Expressions of the moment

The first time I met Chris Wishart he spent a good deal of time with a towel wiping wine drips off the bar he had just recently sealed. He chuckled at his fixation and we shared a common understanding that sometimes tiny things consume us completely; things we won’t care about in less than 48 hours. That fleeting obsession, though perhaps not defining of Wishart, neatly tied together the philosophy at ENSO Urban Winery for me: every vintage is distinctive, so let the wines express that moment in time, and capture it as purely as possible. Continue reading

Anne Hubatch, the graceful winemaker

Though her name is supposed to mean graceful, Anne Hubatch, owner and winemaker of Helioterra Wines, claims to be anything but as she carefully navigates her way across the kitchen strewn with small toys. Her family, business, and life all culminate here in this space … children’s drawings, kitchen utensils, a computer, and lots of paperwork … yet somehow, it just seems to work. Continue reading